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Grade Assist for APA Released

WASHINGTON, July 26 /PappasVolk/ -- PappasVolk is excited to announce the release of Grade Assist for APA, the first writing assignment grading tool specifically created to help professors dramatically simplify their repetitive grading tasks.

An enhancement to Microsoft Word for Windows 2007 and 2010, Grade Assist for APA makes grading students' written work faster and easier. From content and grammar to spelling, style, formatting and critical thinking, Grade Assist is an incredibly easy-to-use solution that yields measurable benefits for professors, students, and university administrators. The application translates the many complex rules and requirements of APA Style into nearly 200 powerful comments that shape and enhance students' understanding of APA style and helps students significantly improve their critical thinking and academic writing.

Every aspect of Grade Assist has undergone significant scrutiny to ensure that it meets the needs of professors and their students, from the sharp focus of written comments to the enhanced and tested usability of the design. Professors will discover that using the program helps mitigate the tediousness that often accompanies grading papers. They’ll also find that it helps provide more consistent and comprehensive feedback to students—complete with issue-specific references to the APA Style Manual—with only the click of a mouse. Professors will also see marked improvement in student performance over the course of the semester, as continued use of Grade Assist helps develop students’ use of APA style, minimizing errors and, over time, increasing the overall quality of student work. Student evaluations of professors who use the software are also frequently improved, with students perceiving that such professors work harder and are more fair in their grading.

Students will benefit greatly from academic work that has been evaluated and critiqued by professors using Grade Assist for APA. Student satisfaction will increase through the perception of objectivity and consistency of the grading process. Their understanding and use of APA style will improve with each paper and will enhance their performance not only relative to coursework requiring APA style, but also in general writing and communication tasks as well. And no student will complain about the increase in GPA that will result from their improved academic performance.

University or department administrators will appreciate the many benefits that Grade Assist for APA brings to their students and professors. They’ll also recognize and understand the many additional benefits that department-wide adoption of this program can bring in the long term. Consistent and objective grading within individual classes and among all professors. Higher levels of student satisfaction with classes, professors, and programs. Vastly improved student outcomes, from improved academic performance in the near term to more successful graduates and higher program rankings in the long term.

Grade Assist for APA has been designed specifically to provide a multitude of benefits throughout the diverse audiences in today's colleges and universities. It is intuitive, incredibly easy to use, and - at only $99 (USD) per year for a single-user license - it is available at a very advantageous price even for the smallest institutions.

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