Who Uses GradeAssist?

From adjuncts and tenured professors to graduate assistants, private tutors, and high school teachers, educators are discovering the many benefits GradeAssist adds to their teaching practices.

Our enthusiastic users come from many professional backgrounds:

    Criminal Justice
    Political Science
    Creative writing

Educators with deep knowledge and extensive experience with a particular style (e.g., APA or MLA) love GradeAssist because it helps them grade much faster — sometimes cutting time spent grading by 50% — while also adding consistency and clarity to the feedback they provide their students.

Instructors who are less familiar with the specifics of a particular style appreciate GradeAssist for its comprehensive selection of style-specific comments and the ease with which GradeAssist's carefully-designed interface helps them learn or refamiliarize themselves with style requirements as they grade.


Here are just a few of the schools where GradeAssist supports professors in their efforts to improve the effectiveness, quality, and efficiency of formative writing instruction. Educators at these schools have also discovered that in addition to benefitting their own professorial workloads, using GradeAssist helps students measurably and significantly improve critical thinking and writing skills.

    Albemarle Hospital
    Alliant University
    American Military University
    American Public University
    Ashford University
    Baruch College, CUNY
    California Baptist University
    Clermont College
    Colorado Christian University
    Dallas Theological Seminary
    ECPI College of Technology
    Florida Hospital College of Health Science
    Florida Institute of Technology
    Fort Hays State University
    Girls and Boys Preparatory AcademyMbr< Grand Canyon University
    Harvard University
    Houghton College
    Hunter College
    Indiana Wesleyan University
    Ithaca College
    Liberty University
    McNeese University
    Middle Georgia College
    Northern Arizona University
    Northeastern State University
    Oklahoma Baptist University
    Pace University
    Pennsylvania State University
    Private Tutors
    Raymond Walters College
    Reynolds High School (PA)
    San Francisco State University
    Sinclair Community College
    Tennessee Temple University
    Texas Tech University
    Texas Christian University
    University of Mary Hardin Baylor
    University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
    University of Minnesota
    University of Mississippi Medical Center
    University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    University of Nevada, Reno
    University of North Carolina, Charlotte
    University of Oklahoma
    University of Phoenix
    University of Southern Mississippi
    University of Windsor
    Virginia Infrastructure IT Partnership
    Virginia Tech
    Walsh University
    West Chester University
    West Virginia University
    Western Governors University
    Western Michigan University
    Wilkes University
    Wittenberg University
    Wyndhurst Counseling Center
    Xavier University
    York College of Pennsylvania
    Youngstown State University

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