PappasVolk offers innovative, comprehensive solutions to the challenges you face every day. We work with you to craft solutions for your business that are tailored specifically to the needs of your company's team members, target markets, investors, and other important stakeholders.

Our approach to our work with you is built upon:

  • Discovering insights about your audience, competitors, products and services;
  • Leveraging these insights to envision actionable strategies to overcome challenges and meet specific benchmarks or goals;
  • Designing interactive experiences, developing innovative products and services, or finding new ways to monetize under-performing assets and content libraries;
  • Identifying independent measures of success to reliably evaluate performance;
  • Nurturing in our client relationships a culture of continuous, iterative improvement for all projects, whether online or offline.

This approach has helped our clients:

    Reduce churn and decrease user acquisition and retention costs by knowing which aspects of a product or service users love and which send them running for the hills;

    Tap into growing markets or create entirely new ones by designing or enhancing innovative services for nascent platforms (e.g., mobile telephony, in-flight entertainment systems, handheld PDA-based infotainment devices);

    Better understand who uses their services, why, and under what conditions, then leverage these insights to better serve key audiences, increase traffic, and build loyalty and revenue;

    Identify the content that's most important to users and optimize site navigation, copy, and related design elements to deliver the most valuable information to these groups, FAST;

    Increase charitable donations, sales, or subscriptions by discovering the content, features, and functionality best suited to meeting the needs of diverse audiences and identify the specific steps needed to fulfill these users' wants and needs;

    Transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary, relationship- and revenue-building opportunities by envisioning new ways to repackage content libraries and distribute content to users both online and in real-world environments;

    Benefit from the stored knowledge, experience, and insights of affiliates, employees, and partners to gather unvarnished perspectives on the challenges and strengths of the organization and then develop informed, long-term strategies for success.