Innovation & Insight

It's rare in today's always-on, ubiquitously-connected world for your company's content, products, or services to be "evergreen;" that is, relevant, useful, and engaging over time without regard to changes in technology, the ebbs and flows of public opinion via traditional and social media, cultural shifts, or changes in the competitive landscape. It's almost always the case that there is room for improvement, things that might be done differently, lessons learnable only after users poke, prod, and experience your products and services and provide (often-vociferous) feedback.

To that end, a key part of our mission is to support and encourage a culture of continuous improvement within your project team. It's not enough simply to build a site or launch a new product and then allow it to languish, gather dust. It's critically important in today's dynamic, constantly-changing business environment that you and your teams are consistently reviewing your competitors and your own performance in order to envision the next step in your product's life cycle, to identify how best to enhance your customer service.

Building upon the quantitative and qualitative measures of success that we work with you to establish, we endeavor to empower your team to think critically and creatively about your ongoing business processes and performance metrics, to understand how to draw the best conclusions possible from the data at hand, and to channel those lessons learned back into your company's future development efforts.

Our experts partner with your internal team members and critical stakeholders to tackle a variety of tasks, whether increasing page views and ad impressions, growing your subscriber base, enhancing handheld device usability, or increasing customer satisfation levels, including:

  • User acquisition and retention strategies
  • Experience design
  • Audience profiling (demographics, psychographics, needs assessment, behavior, etc.)
  • Churn analysis
  • Information architecture assessment/enhancement
  • User interface (re)design
  • Task modeling and process flow development
  • Content analysis and planning
  • Media packaging
  • New product/service development
  • Brand analysis
  • Customer/Employee satisfaction measurement
  • Web site evaluation
  • Customer loyalty strategy development
  • Expert reviews of interactive products and services
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Aligning product/brand planning with consumer behavior/preference insights
  • Concept/Product testing