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GradeAssist: Grade Papers Faster

GradeAssist is PappasVolk's suite of revolutionary tools designed to reshape the way professors grade their students' academic papers.

Available in versions for APA, MLA, and Turabian styles - as well as for general College Writing - GradeAssist helps educators achieve transformational improvements in their grading quality, speed, and efficiency. Even better? Research shows measurable, positive changes to students' educational outcomes (including overall satisfaction and learning) when their professors use GradeAssist. But don't take our word for it - here's what an assistant professor of counseling recently said:

"The GradeAssist program is an excellent tool. Itís one of things where you look back and wonder how you got along without it! Because itís so easy to use, I can now focus my comments on paper content. It has easily cut my grading time by 50%."

Download a free, 30-day trial today and discover how much more quickly and easily you can grade papers, provide students with targeted, concise feedback on the content and style of their papers, and help them excel throughout their academic careers. GradeAssist:

  • Helps professors grade papers more quickly and easily than ever before;
  • Significantly improves students' critical thinking and academic writing;
  • Is only $99 for a full year.
And best of all, GradeAssist is available now.

If you have questions about GradeAssist and how it can help you, your students, and your department or institution, you're welcome to call us at 434.841.5836 or email us at gradeassist@pappasvolk.com.