Online User Experience Assessment


International Faith-Based Organization


User Experience Evaluation


This faith-based organization identified a pressing need to revitalize their web sites to better meet the needs of their diverse domestic and international audiences. They turned to PappasVolk to envision a strategy to evaluate current and future designs, features, and content in order to guide their redesign process, enhance audience satisfaction, and increase the overall ROI that they realized from their web properties.


PappasVolk designed and fielded a multi-phase, mixed-methods research project that was anchored upon expert reviews of content, visual design, marketing, usability, and human factors issues. Findings from these baseline reviews informed subsequent focus group discussions and comprehensive usability testing with members of the client's key audiences. These efforts yielded a better understanding of audience wants and needs, the challenges facing the client in meeting those needs with their current online infrastructure and content, and established clear, actionable steps to close the gap between the realities of their existing Web offerings and the specific wants and needs of their target audiences.


  • Expert reviews and usability testing identified weaknesses in web navigation models; new approaches for refining navigation to better meet user expectations were established;
  • Focus groups yielded important insights into redesign of visual treatments to web properties, navigation, and proposed content revisions;
  • Identified effects of redesign elements in improving audience attitudes relative to the client's organization;
  • Identified specific features, functionality, and content areas requiring improvement to better support the client's efforts to building more, stronger relationships with their audiences.